Sampling everyday life

Confused adorations

  • Thing about me is that I don’t know what I don’t know,
  • because too uncertain is the guy I see in the mirror often.
  • You know there are those moments when I seek comfort in my silences,
  • because constant chatter of thoughts is often too overwhelming.
  • I remember to forget what happened yesterday and maybe in the last moment,
  • because my mind is already living in the immediate future.
  • What about those confused adorations that pump and thump inside the chest,
  • because I seriously and painfully see everyone as cold bones inside a warm blanket.
  • It’s like a 16 year old me questioning all the decisions I’ve made so far,
  • because I haven’t grown older with years and yet I’m 24.
  • Weight of gory expectations of life is not something I’m afraid of,
  • because I’ve carried, myself well enough through the thicks and the thins.
  • I love people, I love everybody, love as in like a kid loves not doing his homework,
  • because It’s what I am, a kid wishing for love, a kid looking for smiles.
  • If there’s one compliment that I always like to avoid, it’s being called smart,
  • because I want to be dumb, dumb enough to realise that the world isn’t all about me.
  • Finally, why do I write stupid things? Is it about impressing people or impressing myself?
  • No,
  • because there’s one and only one reason for this absurdity — being a sympathetically affecting guy.