Sampling everyday life

Superficial cuts

  • What would it take to make a cut?
  • Cut a little deep, then deeper, until it has severed the dilapidated heart?
  • A knife, a broken glass, blunt scissors, or shrapnels of hurtful intentions?
  • I think I’ve cut myself with each one, at least once or twice.
  • I think you get used to pain, so much that it feels like everything else,
  • everything like breathing, living, kissing, touching, leaving, missing, dying, living, dying, living, dying, living, loving,
  • But everytime I die it’s like superficial cuts on heart making it half the size yet twice as strong.
  • Strength makes you numb and a wise would call it life.
  • So let’s cheer for every broken heart.
  • They’re probably tougher, wiser, and more humane than yours.